a blessing of gratitude to honor the strength of your soul

A few months ago a new friend was putting together a book of feminist blessings that would acknowledge, honor and sanctify challenging experiences that are not commonly seen or recognized by religious traditions. 

Her inspiration to embark on this project came from turning a moment where she felt objectified into something sacred.

She reached out to me and asked me if I  wanted to contribute. Although I had never attempted to write a piece of liturgy, I accepted the challenge hoping it would be  transformative. 

Recently I have been invested in working towards healing the wounds that I carry due to the sexual abuse that I suffered as a child at the hands of my step father. 

Therefore, I chose to write a blessing that would remind me of my own strength and resilience and that would help me turn my pain into power.

This blessing reasserts that my experience as a survivor of sexual abuse is part of who I am but does not define me.

I have chosen to share this blessing today after attending a powerful healing circle where I got to move forward in my journey of healing. 

Much of the pain that I carry comes from having been silenced and ignored by the community that I grew up in, and by some of the people I love the most. But today I was reminded that the more they want to silence me the louder I should speak.

So I share this blessing and a part of my story today with those of you who have chosen to read me hoping that it will inspire other survivors to turn their trauma into something sacred. I also hope that it will serve those who like me sometimes need to be reminded that they are strong, loved, seen and worthy.

Thank You Lord

Thank you Lord,

Because even though a predator creeped

Into the bed of my childhood

I can still sleep at night


Thank you Lord,

Because although he stabbed the depths of my unborn intimacy

I am still intact


Thank you Lord,

Because although he stole and ruined my innocence,

I am not guilty


Thank you Lord,

Because although he ruined love for me,

I am love


Thank you Lord,

Because although night after night I was almost damaged,

I am whole


Thank you Lord,

For giving me strength,

For teaching me peace,

For showing me joy

For keeping me sane


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